Huge active region, X class flare, CME on the way!

Massive Sun spot group 1520 is one of the biggest of this cycle. As well as this it unleashed a huge X class flare on the 13th. This flare hurled a piece of Sun towards the Earth (coronal mass ejection or CME) which should impact about 9:15UT on Saturday 14th. This should spark displays of northern lights. My solar flare monitor captured the flare as it hit the Earth's atmosphere. Hours earlier I imaged the group with my hydrogen alpha and white light telescopes.

Dave Gradwell


Continued strong activity

The Sun continues to release large flares. For 6 days in a row numerous high energy  M sized flares are being volleyed off the Sun.  Every bump on the graph shows a flare. Its expected that the largest type (X flare) may be unleashed in the next few days

Dave Gradwell


July 4th fireworks

Sunspot complex 1513 to 1515 is one of the most active of this solar cycle. Today's trace from my solar flare monitor looks like a rough sea. Numerous large flares have erupted during the day, only the larger M type flares have been labelled, but anything that looks like a "bump" is a solar flare.

Dave Gradwell