A gentle CME impact

The CME impact of the 30th was felt by my magnetometer. The graph shows the y axis displacement, and while they are obvious on the graph chances are, from Ireland any low level aurora would be wash out by the harvest Moon.

Dave Gradwell


  1. Hi Dave,
    Despite the Full Moon I managed to get a few good shots of the resulting Aurora from North Mayo. I didn't think it would be possible but a nice display was clearly visible to the naked eye.

    Nice to see you back up in operation again!

  2. Great Brian, watch out for tonight too. My new magnetometer is more sensitive. Watch for the red graph in particular, it's the best indicator for aurorae. It should mosey along and then when theres activity it will vibrate much like a seismograph. Values of K5 + also should mean aurorae or if the green bar at the bottom goes red.