Introducing HAMCam

A project I'm calling High Atmosphere Monitoring Camera. This will monitor the northern
horizon 24 hrs a day. It uses sebectecs neat webcam software that among other things
knows when to change to nighttime long exposures. The camera will monitor for aurora and noctillucent
cloud during the night and will be a weather cam during the day. Tests are still ongoing and it's final positioning has yet to be decided so it will be "on and off" over the next few weeks. www.davegradwell.com/hamcam.html


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  1. I want one! Great job Dave, I've come across a few of these but all are in the Arctic. It will be good to have a lower latitude one! AR1654 is looking pretty active, we might have our 1st Aurora of 2013 in the next week! lets hope our weather plays along! Well done